About Our Products

Our most popular product is the low profile, mesh base brackets. We use computing linear cut technology to produce the finest cuts from one piece of stainless steel, which ensures there will be no splits or cracks for the lifetime of the bracket. After the cutting process every bracket is polished to a smooth mirror finish and permanently marked with a spot of color to ensure easy location identification. Our brackets use straight wire that incorporates torque and angulation into the base of the unit. We have specially designed smooth hooks and rounded edges that maximize patient comfort while keeping our stringent standards of durability intact. 

We currently offer Stainless Steel, Ceramic, MIM, Ricketts, Gemini, V-Slot, and Lingual Brackets in an assortment of sizes, and hook variations in MBT, Roth, and Edgewise with a slot size choice of either 0.018 or 0.022.

In addition to our vast bracket options with also carry a variety of accessories which include Molar bands, tubes and dental supplies. See our catalog for a full product list. 

Our Products

  • Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Ceramic Brackets‚Äč
  • MIM Brackets
  • Lingual Brackets
  • Molar Bonding and Welding Tubes
  • Molar Bands
  • Accessories